Passion Fruit Glut? Here are Some Good Preservation Tips

Experiencing a passion fruit bumper harvest? One of the things that will be on your minds is how to preserve your passion fruit for a longer duration of time so that you can always use it on your desserts, icing, ice creams or passion fruit juices.

Passion Fruit Harvest
Passion Fruit Harvest

Here is the good thing: with the right preservation strategy, you can keep your passion fruit fresh for up to 12 months! You have to decide what kind of preservation you want. You could go with two main options:

  • Preserving the passion fruit pulp: This is the best and most convenient way to preserve your passion fruit and will keep it fresh for months or even a year! This simply involves scooping the passion fruit pulp, mixing it with sugar and deep freezing the passion fruit.
  • Preserving the whole passion fruit: Allows to keep you the passion fruit fresh for up to 5 to 6 weeks. Techniques include storing the passion fruits in a cool and dry place, ensuring the skin surface is not injured etc

When preserving the passion fruit pulp, consider the following simple procedure:-

  • Scoop passion fruit pulp
  • Mix with sugar and stir
  • Boil the mixture a little
  • Pour the mixture into a sterilised jar and seal
  • Deep freeze the mixture

Remember, don’t boil, just bring it closer to the boil. Boiling too much will thicken the mixture making it difficult to pour into the sterilised jars.