How to Tell If Your Passion Fruit is Ripe

Ordinarily, the passion fruit should be considered ripe once it has changed its colour from green to yellow or purple depending on the variety of the passion fruit. However, the colour change can be quite deceptive. Seemingly ripe passion fruit may not be as ripe inside. Here are some ways in which you can determine if your passion fruit is fully ripen:-

Recognise Ripe Passion Fruit by the Change in Colour

This is the primary mode of determining if your passion fruit is ripe. If it is the purple passion fruit, it will change colour from green to purple with some white specs on the skin of the passion fruit. Generally, the greener the passion fruit, the less ripe it is and this applies for all varieties of passion fruit. If it is the yellow variety, it will change its colour from green to a rich yellow skin colour.


In some rare cases, there are passion fruits that will ripen without necessarily changing their colours. In that case, they are likely to drop off from the vines holding them.

Look at the texture of the passion fruit skin

Passion fruits that are not yet ripened generally have a very smooth skin. On the other hand, passion fruit that has ripened will have “dimples” or wrinkled skin. However, it is advisable to go for skin that is moderately wrinkled as opposed to one that is excessively wrinkled as these are likely to be unfit for consumption. Excessively wrinkled skin generally shows the passion fruit has passed its freshness date.

Look at the fruit for any signs of damage

If the fruit has fallen on the ground, inspect of any signs of bruising. Bruises are likely to lead to the growth of mould on the surface of the skin. If the skin looks normal, then the passion fruit could still be edible.

Let the passion fruit fall on its own

Generally, passion fruit that has fallen on its own is generally ripe. Ripe passion fruit will generally fall on its own due to its own weight. However, some un-ripened may still fall down due to weather or if the tree is weak due to dehydration.

The weight of the fruit

Unripe fruit is generally light in weight. Ripened fruit are generally heavier than you would expect for a particular size.