How to Grow Passion Fruits in Pots

Passion fruit is an excellent plan to grow in your garden and it is also a great potting plant. It will do just as well when planted in containers so long as you provide the right growing conditions including good soil, watering, good exposure to sunshine and excellent support system.

Growing Passion Fruits From Seeds
Growing Passion Fruits From Seeds

Here is a simple guide on growing passion fruit plants in pots:-

What you will need to plant passion fruit plant in containers:-

  • 5 to 7 gallon containers
  • Potting soil
  • Trellis or any kind of suitable support structures
  • Sand
  • Peat
  • Seedlings

How to do it

  • Start by filling the containers with potting soil until about half way. Use high quality potting soil with pH level ranging from 6 to 6.5. Purchase high quality potting soil or simply make your own using equal parts of sand, peat and bark or compost. By using larger pots for your passion fruit vines, you will have plenty of room to erect a larger trellis and train the plant as you wish. The potting containers should have at least a single hole for drainage.
  • Remove the passion fruit seedlings from nursery container ready for replanting. You can force release of passion fruit plant from the container by squeezing it out or simply slicing the container open using a knife or pair of scissors.
  • When replanting the passion fruit seedlings, handle them by the root ball and then set the plant on the soil on top of the potting container. Make sure the top soil on the potting container is one inch below the rim of the container. Adjust the soil in the potting container as required.
  • Now fill sides of the passion fruit plant with potting soil. Firm down the soil gently and add extra soil where required.
  • What the soil in the potting soil and ensure it is evenly moist. The water should be dripping from the drainage holes in the containers. Position the passion fruit plant in an area with full sunlight.
  • If you have purchased a trellis, position it at the back of the container. A trellis that is 5 feet high is generally quite sufficient. The trellis should be inserted carefully so as to avoid damaging the roots of the passion fruit plant. There are certain potting containers that come with a trellis that forms a part of the design.
  • Set your potting containers in full sun and watch your passion fruit plants grow.

More pictures of passion fruit plants growing in containers:-