The Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Your Passion Fruit

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of growing passion fruits on your farm? Is it profitable? Is it worth it? Here are some of the main points given by actual farmers who have tried it out:-

The Advantages of Growing Passion Fruits

  • You get relatively quick returns on your passion fruit crop.
  • Good yields hence can offer you self employment or a reasonable secondary income.
  • It is possible to strike high market prices hence get very good margins on your passion fruit crop.
  • It can provide you with a steady income: Once they start fruiting, the passion fruit plants will continue producing fruits and can give you a steady income for a period of up to 11 months.
  • There is a very high grower satisfaction. Passion fruit vines rarely disappoint. If you follow the right procedure, you are going to get a good harvest. Check out our Passion Fruit Farming guide for a comprehensive guide on how to plant your passion fruits and get a good harvest.
  • Passion fruit farming has a very low barrier to entry. You can get started in a very small plot and still get very good yields on your crop.
  • Ability to work from home: If you are growing passion fruit over a large area and it is giving you a very good income, you can easily work from home and still make very good money from your passion fruit crop.
  • You can get a fresh and constant supply of fruit for your family. Passion fruits are very delicious so you can harvest these for home consumption.
  • Very quick returns compared to other tree crops. You can begin harvesting your passion fruit within 12 months and you will continue harvesting them for years. Passion fruits can give you very quick returns.

Disadvantages of Growing Passion Fruits

Some of the disadvantages of growing passion fruits identified by top growers include the following:-

  • You are the mercy of Mother Nature. Passion fruits will do well in a particular kind of natural environment. It is very difficult to recreate these conditions artificially. This will often put you at the mercy of the local weather, altitude and climate.
  • It is very labour intensive: Passion fruit farming requires a lot of manual backbreaking labor that can prove costly. This is especially so during the peak harvest time.
  • Growing passion fruits is a time consuming undertaking. A lot of time is spent in monotonous work that involves harvesting, packing and grading not to forget the time spent in pruning and training your passion fruit plants.
  • You can be at the mercy of the markets. You have to sell your ripe passion fruits quickly before they go bad and you won’t always get a good price.
  • It is a hard outdoor work: You have to be out there in all kinds of weather working on your passion fruit vines.
  • May require significant financial resources: If you are growing your passion fruits on a larger scale, you may require significant financial resources to pay for labour and farm inputs.
  • Strict timing schedules for various activities on your passion fruit vines such as pruning, harvesting etc.

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