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How to Grow Passion Fruit in Containers

Passion fruit plants bloom beautifully in the tropical areas but in the colder or wintry areas, only the hardy passion fruit cultivars will survive. That is why many people in colder areas prefer to cultivate passion fruits in pots or containers so that they can move them indoors in case the conditions are not so favourable.  Cultivation in pots or containers can also be a preferred passion fruit planting growing method if you have limited space in your backyard.

Growing Passion Fruits in Containers

If you are planning to grow your passion fruits in containers or pots, you are going to need very large containers. In case you are transplanting the passion fruit plants, you will need a growing container that is at least two to three times the size of the current container where the passion fruit plant germinated. The containers where you will be planting the passion fruit should be filled up with potting material that is nutrient rich and which is also well-draining.

Passion Fruit Grown in a Container
Passion Fruit Grown in a Container

It is important to keep in mind that the passion fruit plants are generally excellent climbers and growers, especially if the conditions are right. In one year, the vines can grow to a length of between 4.5 to 6m or 15feet to feet. You must therefore make arrangements for putting in place a support structure or growing structure for your passion fruit vines.  This passion fruit support structure can be in the form of a trellis or even a chain link fence.

The container in which you are growing your passion fruit plant should be positioned at least one foot or 0.3m from the support structure of the passion fruit plant. In the colder areas, you will want to move your passion fruit plant indoors but it is still important to have a fixed structure outdoors that your passion fruit plants will climb.

What you can do during the winters is prune the vine. Cut them down to one foot or two feet which is about 0.3m to 0.6m in height so that they can be stored easily in the outdoors. Because the passion fruit plant is a fast grower, it is going to easily make up for this when it begins growing in the spring.

Caring for Passion Fruit Plants in Containers

Caring for passion fruit plants grown in containers is a fairly easy affair. Choose the right potting soil that has a lot of organic matter, keep the soil moist at all times but avoid overwatering. It is also important to ensure that the container you are using is one that can drain easily. The container should be positioned in full sun; however, if you live in an area that has intense and steady sunshine, you can position where there are less intense rays from the sun or in a partial shade. The vines should be fertilized on a regular basis, preferably with organic fertilizer.

And that’s all it takes to grow your passion fruit plants in containers. Begin growing your passion fruit plants in containers today, both indoors and outdoors.