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Why are my passion fruit plants not producing any fruits?

If you are a passion fruit farmer, one of the most dread outcomes that you might face is doing the planting and waiting long enough yet the plants fail to produce any fruit  in spite of being apparently healthy plants.

Passion Fruit Maturity Period

Generally, passion fruits will begin producing fruits some 18 months after planting. In case you have waited for 18 months or more and there are still no fruits from your passion fruit plants, it could be due to any of the following reasons:-


  • Lack of sufficient water: Passion fruit plants are heavy feeders that need plenty of water. It is always important to ensure the soil where you are growing your passion is moist as dry passion fruit plants do not produce fruit.
  • Heavy rainfall at the flowering phase: This has the effect of ruining the viability of the pollen during the flowering phase and as a result, the plant will not attract the bees that aid in pollination. One measure that you can take is pollinating the plant DIY style with the help of a small paintbrush that will transfer the pollen from one plant to another.
  • Avoid overfertilising: Overfertilising the passion fruit plants has the effect of the plant producing too many flowers but no fruit. Passion fruit plants will need fertilizing only two times in a year: after you have pruned them and after they have begun fruiting.
  • Avoid using fertilizers with high nitrogen content: When there is too much nitrogen in the fertilizers, the plant will experience a lot of leaf growth but this will be at the expense of the development of flowers and fruits. Go for the rotted fertilizers or compost such as well rotted cow manure or rotted chicken manure. Other fertilization measures include the use of citrus foods as fertilizer, putting used tea bags at the base of the plants and then leaving them to slowly seep into the roots of the plants.
  • Lack of good sunshine: Your passion fruit plants require at least 5 hours of direct sunshine every day. Make sure you plant your passion fruit plants in a sunny spot where there are no trees and other competitive roots.
  • Prune the vines the right way.

If you are passion fruit plants are not producing any fruit, try out any of these measures and you should be on safe ground. For addition passion fruit farming tips and guidelines, check out our passion fruit farming handbook.