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The Best Passion Fruit Varieties to Plant in India

Passion fruits are yellow-pulped fruits that have originated from the Amazon. These fruits have always been people’s favorite since all passion fruits varieties are rich in Vitamin A and have a sweet, juicy fragrance. Throughout the world, Brazil grows the most varieties, specifically more than half, of the worlds passion fruits (although some varieties also grow in selected parts of South America).

Large Scale Passion Fruit Farming
Large Scale Passion Fruit Farming

India produces the most number of fruits and other agricultural products like apples, oranges, bananas and a lot more. In fact, India is one of the largest producers of fruits globally. The country is usually referred to as the Fruit Basket of the World which makes India’s agriculture still a  great part of India’s economy. However, there used to be no passion fruit grown in India but the government began growing passion fruits in Indian forests many years back. Thus began the practice of passion fruit cultivation across the subcontinent.

Below is a list of the best passion fruit varieties to plant in India:

There are two major types of passion fruits grown in India, the yellow and the purple passion fruits. The yellow passion fruit comes with more vines and has bigger fruits as compared to the purple ones. The purple passion fruit, on the other hand, tends produce more juice and is less acidic than the yellow passion fruit. Both are good varieties and are suitable to India’s soil and climate.

A great variety of passion fruit grown in India is the Noel’s Special, named after the person who cultivated it, Noel Fujimoto. This variety is a yellow variety that was discovered in Hawaii in the 1950’s. This vine produces round fruits that can produce a good amount of juice. Among the many varieties of passion fruits, Noel’s Special is one of the first choices especially by fruit cultivators and sellers because of its availability and marketability especially during its season.

Kaveri is also a good variety of passion fruit grown in India. It is a hybrid of the yellow and purple varieties. This is a common choice among cultivators because of its excellent resistance to rotting and spot diseases. It is good for the subtropical climate of India.

There is also a variety called the Kapoho Selection which originated in Hawaii. It is a cross breed of Sevcik (another passion fruit variety) and some other yellow passion fruits. Its vine can produce and carry heavy and large fruits. However, it is not as juicy as the other varieties and is vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Then there’s the passion fruit variety called the Yee Selection. It comes with attractive, yellow fruits and produces juice with a very good flavor.

Lastly is the variety known as Common Purple. This variety originally grew in Hawaii. This variety is characterized by a thick skin but is easier to consume because of its small seeds.

There are many more passion fruit varieties and a few new varieties are still being cultivated. Passion fruits are healthy fruits and are good for juice recipes.

In an Indian setting, passion fruits are best planted during the monsoon season. Generally, the soil and climate in India have proven to be suitable as far as the growth of passion fruits is concerned. Apart from choosing the best varieties, it is important not to forget about the best husbandry techniques that will yield a great harvest.

Passion Fruit Varieties in India

In India, the most commercially viable passion fruit varieties are the purple passion fruit varieties, the yellow passion fruit varieties and the Kaveri passion fruit variety which is a hybrid of the purple and yellow passion fruit varieties.

Purple Passion Fruits

A lot of buyers globally are more familiar with the passion fruit variety. This variety is generally more productive in areas with higher elevations. The fruits are of medium size with a diameter ranging from 4-5cm and the skin colour is deep purple when the fruits are ripe. Each fruit weighs 35 to 45g and the juice content for this passion fruit variety is in the range of 31% to 35%. This passion fruit variety is very popular for its sweet flavour and nutrient content. The seeds have a black colour. The drawbacks is that this passion fruit variety is more susceptible to collar rot, leaf spot as well as to attacks by nematodes and thrips.

Yellow Passion Fruits

The yellow passion fruit variety is better suited for lower elevations and warmer climates. It does badly when planted in higher elevations because it is very sensitive to lower temperatures. The yellow passion fruits are generally larger in size than those from the purple varieties with each fruit weight 60g on average. The skin is yellow in colour with mottled spots and when ripe, it will turn to golden yellow. It is juice is less acidic and has relatively less recovery than the purple passion fruit varieties. The seeds of this passion fruit variety are brown in colour and are very tolerant to the pests and diseases that affect the purple passion fruits such as wilt and leaf spots. They are more tolerant to the nematodes and thrips.

Kaveri Hybrid Passion Fruits

The Kaveri hybrid passion fruit is a hybrid of the yellow passion fruit and the purple passion fruits. It is a more high yielding variety with the largest fruits that typically weigh  in the range of 85g to 110g. Kaveri hybrid passion fruits are purple in colour and have a quality that is comparable to that of the purple of the passion fruits meaning they have great flavour and a sweet aroma. They also have excellent tolerant to nematodes, collar rot and leaf spot.

If you are based in India, you can plant any of these depending on your location and the suitability of the local climate for any of these varieties.