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Passion Fruit Varieties in India

In India, the most commercially viable passion fruit varieties are the purple passion fruit varieties, the yellow passion fruit varieties and the Kaveri passion fruit variety which is a hybrid of the purple and yellow passion fruit varieties.

Purple Passion Fruits

A lot of buyers globally are more familiar with the passion fruit variety. This variety is generally more productive in areas with higher elevations. The fruits are of medium size with a diameter ranging from 4-5cm and the skin colour is deep purple when the fruits are ripe. Each fruit weighs 35 to 45g and the juice content for this passion fruit variety is in the range of 31% to 35%. This passion fruit variety is very popular for its sweet flavour and nutrient content. The seeds have a black colour. The drawbacks is that this passion fruit variety is more susceptible to collar rot, leaf spot as well as to attacks by nematodes and thrips.

Yellow Passion Fruits

The yellow passion fruit variety is better suited for lower elevations and warmer climates. It does badly when planted in higher elevations because it is very sensitive to lower temperatures. The yellow passion fruits are generally larger in size than those from the purple varieties with each fruit weight 60g on average. The skin is yellow in colour with mottled spots and when ripe, it will turn to golden yellow. It is juice is less acidic and has relatively less recovery than the purple passion fruit varieties. The seeds of this passion fruit variety are brown in colour and are very tolerant to the pests and diseases that affect the purple passion fruits such as wilt and leaf spots. They are more tolerant to the nematodes and thrips.

Kaveri Hybrid Passion Fruits

The Kaveri hybrid passion fruit is a hybrid of the yellow passion fruit and the purple passion fruits. It is a more high yielding variety with the largest fruits that typically weigh  in the range of 85g to 110g. Kaveri hybrid passion fruits are purple in colour and have a quality that is comparable to that of the purple of the passion fruits meaning they have great flavour and a sweet aroma. They also have excellent tolerant to nematodes, collar rot and leaf spot.

If you are based in India, you can plant any of these depending on your location and the suitability of the local climate for any of these varieties.