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Which are the Most Popular Passion Fruit Varieties?

Success in passionfruit cultivation rests in choosing the right varieties to cultivate. While there are numerous individual varieties of passionfruits that are grown in various locations, they can be split in two main strains of passionfruits. These are the yellow passionfruits and the fleshed passionfruits.

The Yellow Passionfruit Varieties

The yellow passion fruit varieties are generally more vigorous and produce larger fruits than the purple passionfruit varieties. However, they have a more acidic pulp. The purple passionfruit varieties have a less acidic pulp. The yellow passionfruit varieties also have a rich aroma and flavor the proportion of juice in the fruits is higher at 35% to 38%.

Panama Gold Passion Fruit Variety
Yellow Passion Fruit Variety

The yellow passionfruit varieties are generally better suited for lower altitudes such as the coastal lowlands. The yellow passionfruit varieties are also hardier and more vigorous compared to the purple passionfruit varieties. They produce bigger fruits with diameters typically in the range of 5cm to 7cm. They are relatively more acidic and are used for juice extraction. They are a great passionfruit choice if you are planning to plant your passionfruit for commercial juice extraction.

Other characteristics of the yellow passionfruit varieties include the following:-

  • They will give higher fruit yields in low elevations that have relatively warmer temperatures.
  • The yellow passionfruit varieties are bigger in size than the purple passionfruit varieties. Typically, they weigh 60 to 65 grams per fruit. These fruits are generally round-shaped and have yellow spots. When ripen, they will change colour from green to golden yellow.
  • The yellow passionfruit variey is less susceptible to diseases and pests. It has a high level of tolerance for diseases and that is why it is often used as a rootstock for various other passionfruit varieties.
  • Within the yellow passionfruit variety, there are various other varieties that are grown globally such as the Panama Gold passionfruit variety.

Below is a list of some of the common yellow passionfruit varieties:-

  • Yee Selection: This is a round yellow passionfruit variety that also has very good disease resistance. Has a thick rind and gives low yield of juice.
  • University Round Selection: This is a Hawaiian cross of the Yee fruit and the Waimanalo variety which gives 10% more juice. Also has a very good flavor.


The Purple Passion Fruit Varieties

There are also numerous types of the purple passionfruit varieties. The main characteristics of the purple passionfruit varieties include the following:-

  • The purple passiofruit varieties give better yields in higher altitudes or in cooler temperatures. The purple passionfruit variety is best suited for areas that have altitudes of 1100 to 2500m above the sea level. The purple passionfruit variety also has a sweet aromatic flavor. They are smaller in size with diameters of 4cm to 5cm.
  • The purple passionfruit varieties weigh anywhere between 35grams to 50 grams and have a round shape.
  • When ripe, they will change colour from green to deep purple.
  • They have an average juice content of between 30% to 35%.
  • The purple passionfruit varieties also has a strong aromatic scent. The taste and juice content varies.
  • It is the best known passionfruit variety, loved for its nutrients and flavor.
Panama Red Passionfruit
Purple  Passionfruit Variety

Some of the Purple Passionfruit Variants Include the Following:-

Mysty Gems: The Mysty Gems are the sweetest of passionfruit varieties. The passionfruit pulp can vary in colour ranging from bright yellow to a pumpkin colour. This passionfruit variety also has numerous small, hard and b;ack seeds. The inside of its walls in white in colour. It has a very refreshingly sweet taste that is tangy and guava-like.

Sweethearts: The sweethearts passionfruits are blackish in colour and also have a very sweet taste.

Panamas: The Panamas are a hybrid passionfruit variety that are also quite vigorous. They are a more tropical passionfruit variety.

Australian Purple: Also called the Nelly Kelly passionfruit, this is a purple passionfruit variety that has a very sweet flavor. It is grown in both Hawaii and Australia.

Common Purple: This is a thick-skinned Hawaiian passionfruit with a smaller seed cavity. However, it has a great flavor and is low in acidity.

Waimanalo Selection: There are four strains of this Hawaiian passionfruit variety. These include the C-54, the C-77, the C-80 and the C-39 which is the pollinator. It is a very nice colour, flavor and has a low acid content.

Pratt Hybrid: The Pratt hybrid variety of passionfruit is a cross between the yellow strain and the Common Purple passionfruit variety.

Banana Passionfruit Variety

As the name suggests, the banana passionfruit varieties look straight, just like bananas but they have rounded ends. They perform best in higher altitudes of above 1500m. The banana passionfruit variety is most commonly used as a rootstock the grafting of other passionfruit varieties, especially in cooler climates. While their pulp is edible, they are used in grafting some of the more popular and delicious varieties of passionfruits.

Banana Passionfruit Varieties
Banana Passionfruit Varieties