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Farmer passion fruit yieldHi. I would like to welcome you to my site, which is all about growing passion fruit. I live in Australia and I am a guy who has a great fascination with growing passion fruit, which is why you are in the right place if you also have a desire to learn to grow passion fruit as well. I think this will be a great place for experienced passion fruit growing farmers as well as those who are considered as novice passion fruit growers.

I always had an intrigue in growing stuff even as a young kid. My grandfather and grandmother were framers and grew all kinds of things. They primarily made their living from growing apples and plums, however. The plums and apples were delicious. I used to help them in the orchards until the age of nine. Then my grandfather unexpectedly died of a heart attack and that is when my grandmother came to live with us. I was the only child, so she naturally doted on me and let me get away with a lot. She sold the orchards and made a good amount of money. She was always generous with me with her money. And she was generous with her flower pots, because she had lots of them.

Though she sold her orchards, she did not give up her love of growing things. We had a large property with lots of space that was not being used for growing fruit or vegetables. My grandmother changed that. She grew cabbage, carrots, grapes and watermelon.

She noticed I would take her flower pots and try to grow various kinds of seeds in them. Some succeeded and some failed. We bought a passion fruit at the farmer’s market. It tasted so good. It was only the second time I had passion fruit. The time before that II had it a week before my grandfather died when we celebrated his birthday.

Then I saved a seed from the passion fruit and planted it in one of my grandmother’s pots. It started growing and my grandmother helped me to tend to the plant till it produced wonderful fruit. Naturally, we had to transplant the plant from that tiny pot.

My grandmother saw how enthusiastic I was. She said to me, “I think you will become a professional passion fruit grower.” She passed away six months ago, but she has been very pleased with my progress in my pursuit of growing passion fruit.

Eventually I moved from my mom and dad’s place, got married to my wonderful wife and we have a child. We continued to grow passion fruit in pots in the corner of our backyard. Now I grow orchards that are overflowing with an abundance of passion fruit that are fresh, juicy and tasty.

My wife enjoys helping me. We are happy to be making our living from the orchards of passion fruit, as we sell them to the local farmer’s market. They go quickly. People even like to place orders to buy crates of passion fruit from us. We are glad to fulfill their requests. It is also becoming a fun tradition here for people to give a crate of passion fruit as a gift to people who are getting married.

I have learned a lot about the process of growing passion fruit along the way. I believe my love of growing passion fruit has been because of the enthusiasm and success of my grandparents for growing apples and plums. The love of growing stuff seems to be passing down from generation to generation.

I commend you on your journey of growing passion fruit, whether you are just starting out with an interest in the subject, whether you have tried growing some in pots or in the ground, or if you have a desire to move to starting an orchard because you already have avid experience with growing passion fruit. I hope you will find a lot of helpful information here and will find information that will inspire you to continue to pursue your journey of growing passion fruit with enthusiasm and commitment. I am pleased to let you know that I have also written an e-book about growing passion fruit. I think you will find it to be rather insightful and beneficial for your passion fruit growing endeavors.