Marketing Your Passion Fruit: FAQ

Where should you market your passion fruits? The two main markets for passion fruits are the fresh fruit market and the fruit processing market.

The best quality passion fruits are usually sent to the wholesale market in major towns and cities where they fetch a good price. In some markets, you may have to grapple with interstate quarantine requirements for transporting fresh fruits.

Passion Fruits in the market
Passion Fruits in the market

The passion fruits that are blemished are usually sold to the fruit processing market where they are processed into passion juice and other by-products. This will however require a contract with the particular fruit processor. When entering into contracts with passion fruit processors, it is also important to establish their grading requirements. In some cases, they may not buy the passion fruits that have blemishes.

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What Prices Should You Expect for Your Passion Fruits

The prices that a grower receives from their passion fruit harvest can be variable. They will depend on factors such as the fruit quality, the amount of other passion fruits that are in the market and how and where you are selling your passion fruits. For example, are you selling in the main markets in the cities or doing direct sales in the fruit shops? Are you selling publicly through the Farmers Markets?

Normally, up to 70% of the crop will be suitable for the fresh fruit market. These can be sold directly to the consumers. An estimated 30% of the passion fruit crop is usually unsuitable for the fresh market. These are fruits that are not spoilt but have bruises or wrinkled skins and may not appeal to fresh fruit buyers. These are typically processed into fresh juice and other by-products.

Where there is no processing plant nearby, farmers will typically sell 100% of their fresh fruit produce in the fresh market with fruits that are considered “imperfect” fetching a much lower price.

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