Panama Red Passion Fruit Variety

Just like the Panama Gold, the Panama Red passion fruit is also a very vigorous vine known for its attractive red skin and succulent yellow flesh. This kind of passion fruit is self-pollinating so you will not have to worry too much about manual pollination using a brush in case the fruits fail to develop in time.

Panama Red Passionfruit Harvest
Panama Red Passion fruit Harvest

The Panama Red passion fruit is generally a very hardy variety and will do well in warmer conditions as well as a host of other conditions. It is best to plant these in a west-facing wall which has rich soils along with a well aerated trellis. You will need to add plenty of water during the growing months along with mulch around the roots in order to keep the soils moist.

For fertilizers, you can use chook manure or well balanced slow-release fertilizer at least twice a year. The Panama Red passion fruit vines will begin producing the fruits by the second year and a single vine can produce up to 300 fruits at optimal production. They vines will bear large beautiful red flowers at the ends of their stalk. Once they begin producing the fruits, the passion fruites can ripen  throughout the year, giving you an all-year supply of fresh passion fruit. In colder areas, the Panama Red passion fruit will generally defoliate or die. However, it will thrive in the warmer areas that meet the minimum planting requirements.

Panama Red Passionfruit
Panama Red Passion fruit

Like the Panama Gold passion fruit, the Panama Red passion fruit is highly decorative and is best planted in a place where you can flaunt it or where you would wish to highlight a certain area in your landscape. The fruits from the Panama Red passion fruit are larger, sweet and aromatic.

The Panama Red passionfruit is known for its lush green foliage, just like its Panama Gold counterpart but the difference is that it does better in the warmer climates. Once it matures, it will give an abundance of red skinned passion fruit. These fruits are larger and juicer and, as you will notice, they are also generally quite sweet! They are sweeter than many of the other traditional passion fruit varieties. They also emit a very sweet fragrance!

The fruit for the Panama Red passion fruit will be ready 6 months after planting and you will continue harvesting the fruits throughout the year. The best condition for growing the Panama Red is warmer climate and make sure that you have planted them in a sunny position. They should be planted next to an upright structure such as a fence or trellis.

Growing Panama Red Passion fruit

As already stated, the Panama Red passion fruit will do best in warm weather and in a sunny position as well as a protected position. Like the Panama Gold passion fruit, it will also need at least 7 hours of sunshine.  The plant will need good watering. The soil should be moist but not flooded or wet.

Finally, just like in all passion fruit plants, make sure that you have provided good structure or support for the passion fruit plant.